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Introducing the US MEDICA Zero kneeling chair, the perfect alternative to regular chairs.

Why do regular chairs need an alternative? Unfortunately, the negative effects of normal chair use are majorly ignored throughout the world. However, make no mistake, they are there, and with the vast amounts of time we spend sitting around behind computer screens in this day and age, ignoring this problem comes at a high cost.

Sitting in a regular chair is more harm than may seem at first glance. It results in a whopping 3/4 of your body mass pressing down on your lower spine and the remaining 1/4 being dispersed to your legs. Furthermore, your legs are free to roam about unrestrained, which often results in twisting your spinal cord into all sorts of unnatural and harmful positions, especially when sitting with legs crossed and in other similarly convoluted forms. Meanwhile, pressure is focused in the area of your waist, tightening your muscles, and your hip bone is stuck at a right angle to your spinal column, which causes problems with blood flow in the area.

It isn’t a pretty picture any way you spin it. Fortunately, there is a way around it.

The US MEDICA Zero serves to prevent you from sitting in undesirable positions, i.e. with legs crossed. The Zero is designed specifically to leave you no choice in the matter. In it you’ll be sitting straight and avoiding harmful effects thanks to evenly dispersed pressure throughout your body.

The Zero utilizes the simple yet effective principle of reaction force, which in its particular case comes from the chair’s seat. This force is equal to the force applied to the support by the body. However, unlike with regular chairs, where the direction of the reaction force is aimed straight up, the Zero’s reaction force is aimed to the side due to the fact that the Zero’s seat is located at an angle rather than horizontally. This results in a substantially lesser reaction force affecting the body, which substantially lessens the load applied to muscles and joints in the waist region of the spinal cord.

The US MEDCA Zero is an effective tool with a variety of different applications. Pre-empt scoliosis, fix posture problems, support problematic areas in the spine (especially in the waist area), and facilitate a healthy posture in general throughout hours of sitting at work or at home.

From blood circulation improvement to posture regulation, the US MEDICA Zero solves problems you may not know you have now, but ones that will certainly let themselves be known after years of sitting around in regular chairs that subject your body to excessive strain. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Spare some attention for your bones and joints now, and they’ll be grateful to you in the years to come.

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