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Hours of sitting in the office chair or in the car, unfortunately, affect our back’s health not in a best way, especially the lower part of the back. Because of the long-term static load we can get osteochondrosis, protrusion or even herniation.

Orthopedic pillow US Medica US-B can help to "support" your back, reduce tension and pressure on the vertebrae. This special pillow firmly supports your back and, especially, lumbar area. It helps to reduce the load on the spine and to stabilize back muscles.

The special anatomical shape and side bolsters of the US-B pillow provide the right bend of the waist and the optimum height of the lumbar lordosis.

Orthopedic pillow US-B is made of a special hypoallergenic material which is called “memory foam”. This foam adapts to the size of its owner and "memorizes" the anatomical features of the body. This helps to provide reliable support for the back, get rid of tension and stiffness in the lower back.

Orthopedic pillow US-B - is the choice of people who truly care about their comfort and back’s health.

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