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US Medica JET

Price: $ 12 000
US Medica JET US Medica JET US Medica JET US Medica JET US Medica JET US Medica JET US Medica JET US Medica JET US Medica JET US Medica JET US Medica JET US Medica JET

The functionality of the Jet chair will not only surprise you, but also amaze you. This is the most perfect and functional massage chair on the market. Jet performs 4D back massage – it means that the rollers work on every inch of your body from the neck to the buttocks in the most effective way. The legs also get a lot of attention - Jet provides massage and warming not only to the feet and calves, but even for the knees. During the massage and warming, your blood flow and lymphatic flow increase, the nutrition of muscular and calves improves and their elasticity becomes better, muscle clamp disappears, fatigue of knee impact goes away. Dry heat and air compression massage work as an excellent preventive measure against arthritis and arthrosis, and also help to restore health of the knee after injuries more quickly. The chair is operated both with touchpad or with a special joystick. Clear and deep sound is provided by built-in stereo system. If to speak about LED therapy function, it helps to completely relax just in a few minutes. In any massage mode, you can adjust one of seven types of chair backlight. The complex approach to massage allows you to feel physical and soul peace, also it helps to renew the body energy. All the functionality of Jet chair can be described endlessly. So the best thing that you can do is to try and feel on yourself why it's the best.

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