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Facial Vacuum Cleaner Device Triumph

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Triumph Triumph Triumph Triumph Triumph Triumph

The US Medica Triumph is an innovative skin care device for vacuum cleaning and microdermabrasion of the face skin with additional functions for the complex face and body skin care at home. The microdermabrasion is a professional mechanical face peeling procedure, which is a safe and effective alternative to chemical peels and even laser face polishing. The unique device combines two types of effects: skin scaling process with a microcrystalline tip and vacuum cleaning, which allows deep cleaning of pores from contaminants and accumulated sebum.

The microdermabrasion procedure allows you to remove the toughened skin without any skin traumatizing, to lighten freckles and pigmented spots, to noticeably the level fine scars, to get rid of scars and stretch marks, to improve the complexion and skin tone.

The facial vacuum cleaning procedure helps to reduce pores, improve the skin complexion, eliminate sebaceous plugs, blackheads, comedones, smooth out the relief of the face, partially exfoliate the toughened skin, reduce the puffiness of the face and the skin looks soft, fresh and young.

The vacuum facial massage allows you to improve the skin turgor by increasing the blood circulation, the oxygen, to get rid of the second chin, to reduce fine wrinkles and facial creases, to activate the collagen and elastin production. The vacuum body massage helps to get rid of excess weight, cellulite problems, to correct the body shape and improve muscle tone.



  • Hi-tech Professional Vacuum Skin Care device for personal home care
  • Face Skin microdermabrasion
  • Deep Vacuum face and body cleaning
  • Effective Vacuum face and body lifting massage
  • 2 working modes: suction-release mode (green light indicator) and often suction mode (blue light indicator)
  • Adjustable 3 speeds: low, middle, high
  • 7 interchangeable and washable tips for face and body procedures
  • Safe and efficient use
  • Easy to use
  • Wireless use 
  • Continuous 60 minutes working operation
  • Ergonomical Design
  • Simple Quick micro USB charge system
  • Suitable for all skin types


  • Product Name                           Facial Vacuum Cleaner Device
  • Model                                         US MEDICA Triumph
  • Power Supply                             Li-polymer battery 3,7V / 850mA
  • Charging rate                             DC 5V / 1A
  • Voltage                                        4W
  • Suction Pressure                        ≤53 KPa
  • Dimensions                                 17 х 4,5 х 8,5 cm
  • Weight                                         153 g    
  • Storage temperature                20°С - 60°С
  • Storage Humidity                      20% -90%
  • Charge tool                                micro USB cable
  • Charging time                            1-2 hours
  • Usage Time                                2 hours

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