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Price: $ 200
  • Shiatsu massage
  • Full or partial back massage
  • Can be used at home, office or in a car
  • Made of exclusive soft fabric
  • Easy-to-use controller
  • Seat vibration
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The peculiar thing about back pain and stress in general is that it seems to occur to everyone at some point. Whether you’re a hauler at the local docks carrying around huge crates all day long or an IT specialist sitting in a chair at a PC from 9 to 5, chances are your back isn’t getting the kind of release, variety and relaxation it requires to remain in top-notch condition. Then come the pains.

However, why let back muscles cause you trouble when you can soothe them with the most effective non-intrusive therapy there is: massage? With the US MEDICA SPORT massage cushion you’ll have regular access to a thorough massage without the need of resorting to a massage therapist, nor will you need to resort to portable, let alone stationary, massage apparatuses that take up one or even both of your hands.

Simply equip any chair, couch or driver’s seat with the US MEDICA SPORT and enjoy pleasant and effective roller based massage in the comfort of your seat. Equip all your chairs with it at home and at work, and take it with you on a lengthy cross-country driving trip the likes of which can be so utterly straining.

Not feeling like a full back massage? Choose a specific zone for the massage and the massage cushion will focus on either your shoulder area or your waist area, delivering a thorough massage exactly where you need it most.

The additional soft cover that the cushion is equipped with smoothes the effect of the massage rollers and is removable, allowing you freedom of choice and simple washing with no hassle. Furthering your freedom of choice in your desired massage experience is the built in timer that can be set to five, ten or fifteen minutes. On top of that, the attached remote control pocket will ensure that you always have easy access for regulating your massage experience.

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