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Price: $ 120
  • Comfortable chair
  • Adjustable height
  • Practical color

No massage therapist, professional or amateur, should be left to rely entirely on their legs to hold them up throughout the day. With the RIO chair for massage therapists from US MEDICA you won’t have to.

The benefits of this simple yet incredibly useful item are many. Regulated seat height will allow you to choose a position comfortable for you and alter it at will if needed throughout massage procedures.

The chair’s mobility will allow you to transport it without hassle and bring it with you anywhere and everywhere. Express massage therapists will find this especially useful, as the chair won’t take up too much space in travel and no time at all to unpack and prepare for use.

However, massage therapists are hardly the only ones that can benefit from this item. The RIO can just as easily be utilized by cosmetologists, dentists, hair stylists, you name it. The uses are many, but the results are always the same: a comfy and efficient chair the likes of which can truly be appreciated by professionals and aspiring specialists alike.

  • Colors: beige
  • Height: 17″ - 23″
  • Casing: ecologically clean artificial leather
  • Filler: gas infused plastic at 4″ in girth

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