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TDS Meter Pure Water

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Aqua Tester US MEDICA Pure Water is designed for measuring the level of total mineralization and temperature of the water.

Pure Water Pure Water Pure Water Pure Water

A human body is 90% water. Water is the main solvent in it. During the dissolution process, the chemical composition of the water is the most important. The more impurities the water contains, the worse it dissolves substances. (For example, 1/5th of the tap water is already occupied by the impurities, so only 4/5th of the amount remains for people’s intake).

The high content of the impurities in drinking water may have a negative impact on the body.

Chlorine and its compounds, formed after chlorinated water boiling, are the most dangerous impurities, as they are potent carcinogens and toxins and can lead to a self-poisoning of the body.

Heavy metals, which got into the bodies, remain there forever. It is possible to remove them only with the help of milk proteins and white mushrooms. Reaching a certain concentration in the body, they begin their destructive effect which causes poisoning and mutations. Manganese clogs the tubules of the nerve cells, resulting in increased fatigue, drowsiness, decreased reaction time, low efficiency, dizziness and depression. Aluminum also has a general toxic and clogging effect on the human body. Selenium, at the slightest overdose, turns into a carcinogen, mutagen and toxin. Iron F3 +, in the form of the rust, is also very harmful to the human body. Excess calcium in the water leads to turbidity and forms a scum. Excess magnesium leads to tubules blocking of the nerve cells (acts like manganese).

Aqua Tester US MEDICA Pure Water is designed for measuring the level of total mineralization and temperature of the water.

Mineralization is a quantitative measure of the total content of dissolved substances (TDS - total dissolved solids).

The principle of the device operation is based on the direct dependence of the solution conductivity (the current intensity in the constant electric field, created by the electrodes of the device) on the amount of the dissolved substances.

The results are expressed in ppm (parts per million) or mg/L - 1ppm = 1 mg/L

  • 0-5 Totally clean water from distillation
  • 5-50 Ideal drinking water
  • 51-150 Acceptable water from carbon filtration, mountain springs or aquifers
  • 151-300 Marginally acceptable water with high concentration of the impurities
  • 301-500 Water, unsuitable for drinking
  • 500+ Dangerous for health water

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