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Price: $ 120
  • Intensity adjustment
  • Two massage directions
  • Transportation bag
  • Easy-to-clean covers
  • Compact

Whether you´re a walker or a runner, a stander or a sitter, aching and overly tense feet can turn any activity or attempt at relaxation into torture. Whether you´ve encountered such inconvenience before or simply don´t wish for it to catch you off guard in the future, the OMEGA Foot Massager is just what you need. Relieve tension and enjoy the relaxation you deserve with this handy device, which will always be available and ready for swift use to ensure that you never again have to endure that unrelenting sensation of aching feet.

Worry not about its complexity. The OMEGA is designed specifically with ease of use in mind. No lengthy manuals or extensive preparations required. You’ll be able to get the foot massage you need when you need it without any extra hassle. Simply pull out the OMEGA, position it comfortably even in the tightest of spaces, and enjoy your foot massage there and then.

Furthermore, you need not worry about moving your massager around. Compact and portable, the OMEGA is easy to transport while keeping close enough for regular use. Yet you won’t need to carry it around in its default state or resort to any improvised measures for simplifying the process, because the OMEGA Foot Massager comes with a complementary bag that will make its storage and transportation simple and convenient.

Use it in your car or at home. The OMEGA can be powered either via an AC outlet or your car’s lighter socket. Either way will provide you with a wholesome experience, so no need to hesitate to take the OMEGA on the road. After a while, you will come to fully appreciate the advantages of its portability and end up wondering how you ever went without it or settled for bulky, stationary equivalents.

On top of that, the OMEGA is so light, foot massage is merely its default function. Use it to massage your neck, shoulders, waistline, thighs and legs alike. With a variety of uses, this little massager can provide you with an easy to use and portable solution for all those tense situations from a hard day’s work to a cross-country drive.

  • Colors: massager: blue, carry bag: beige
  • Power: 19W
  • Works from AC or car lighter socket
  • Length: 10″
  • Height: 4″
  • Depth: 5″
  • Bag Dimensions: 12″ x 5″ x 7″
  • Weight: 3.3 lbs

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