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Price: $ 80
  • Highly effective for entire body
  • Breaks down the unwanted fat
  • Light weight and easy-to-use
  • 5 attachments
  • Use to tone your body or for relaxing massage

Staying healthy and fit is a challenge that many tackle on a daily basis. It entails a myriad of methods and an endless array of products. The food tastes bad, the exercise is exhausting, and the constant effort is mind numbing. Whether you’ve gone through the process already or are only looking to start, why not add a bit of relaxation and pleasure to the mix?

With the US MEDICA MIAMI, you’ll supplement your grueling attempts to lose weight with a pleasant, calm and comfy massage that will actually help you in your pursuit for a healthier body. This anti-cellulite massager efficiently combats and decimates cellulite and layers of fat that can serve as the reason for so much stress, worries and low self-esteem. However, don’t let the comforting thoughts of a massage fool you. The US MEDICA MIAMI is a truly effective tool designed to help you in the battle for a healthy and fit body.

However, even if you don’t happen to be suffering from the plague of cellulite and don’t even have the slightest of extra fat hidden somewhere, the US MEDICA MIAMI can still prove useful and pleasant. Use it for a relaxing massage anytime and anywhere, and you won’t be disappointed.

The device’s ergonomic design ensures that you will have no trouble using it on any part of your body. Use it to relieve tension in any group of muscles that you happen to work overtime.

With five interchangeable attachments, you’ll be able to pick and choose the optimal massage type for whatever your massage goal may be. Use the roller attachment for deep and thorough massage therapy to truly get to the depths of various muscle groups, the flat attachment for a comfortable facial massage, the netted attachment for a softening massage, the wavy attachment for restorative massage treatment, and don’t forget the effective peeling attachment that speaks for itself.

Furthermore, you have the freedom of regulating rotation speed for your chosen attachment to ensure a personal approach that allows you to receive the type of massage intensity you desire up to a maximum of 2990 RPM.

Very light and portable, this device can serve as a great companion on long trips, in the office or at home. Whether your aim is a healthy, toned body or simply a relaxing massage experience, the US MEDICA MIAMI will serve you well.

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