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Electronic Pulse Massage Sticker Impulse MIO

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Impulse MIO Impulse MIO Impulse MIO Impulse MIO

US Medica Impulse MIO a new generation of portable electronic pulse massager with EMS technology developed to train men and women muscles. The device has 3 automatic modes with 12 adjustable levels of intensity to make trainings as much as possible comfortable and effective. Thanks to “+” and “-”buttons it is clearly to manage the device. US Medica Impulse MIO works with one battery and has a built-in 15 minute timer. The compact wireless design allows you to take it easy and to arrange training anywhere you wish. The US Medica Impulse MIO electronic pulse massager is an essential thing to keep fit, to improve the cut of one's jib and body shaping, to promote the anti-cellulite effect.

Product Features

  • Wireless use
  • Easy to operate
  • Massage modes: massaging, acupuncture, scraping (Guasha massage), cupping, and hammering.
  • 3 automatic modes
  • 12 intensity levels
  • It could relieve fatigue through promoting local blood circulation, relaxing local muscles and exercising the muscle tension.
  • Works from one battery
  • Ergonomical design
  • Electrode slice usage is 30-50 times
  • Pocket size, easy to carry
  • Timer 15 min


Technical specifications

Product Name                           Electronic Pulse Massage Sticker

Model                                         US MEDICA Impulse MIO

Power Supply                            3V, 30mA, 1 x battery CR2032

Frequency                                  1-120 Hz

Pulse width                                20-400 ms

Timer                                           15 min

Dimensions                                 13*6*1,5 cm

Net Weight                                 30 g

Ambient environment              +5℃ +55℃

Relative humidity                       ≤80%

Atmospheric pressure               86kPa – 106kPa

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