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Happy Feet

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Happy Feet Happy Feet Happy Feet Happy Feet Happy Feet Happy Feet Happy Feet Happy Feet Happy Feet Happy Feet

Feet Bath US Medica Happy Feet

The US Medica Happy Feet bath is a simple and popular way for home feet care. With the help of US Medica Feet Bath you can make a wonderful feet massage. The feet massage in a bath has a relaxing and calming effect, relieves the muscle fatigue and improves a good mood and relax. The removable aroma section for using different bath additives is made from special PC materials which allow you to use not only bath salts and herbs, but also different aroma oils. The combination of the relief rubber bottom and integrated massage rollers provides a good stimulation of the reflexology feet areas and promotes the maximum benefit from the feet bath using.

Product functions:

  • Hydromassage;
  • Vibration Massage;
  • Water Heat;


  • Removable aroma section for different bath additives, also oils.
  • To achieve the maximum benefit from the feet bath you can use different cosmetic additives, such as various oils, herbs, bath salts.
  • 3 removable pedicure attachments: Callus rasp attachment, Brush attachment, Massage attachment.
  • Feet Massage Bottom: relief rubber bottom helps to get a relaxing effect.
  • Massage rollers on the bottom of the feet bath.
  • LED-lights.
  • Comfortable ergonomic handle.
  • Removable splash protection.
  • Cable storage and rubber feet on the base of the device prevent it from sliding.
  • Double-walled of the feet bath for improved heat insulation.

Recommendations to use if you have:

  • Chronic leg fatigue
  • Leg hydrops
  • feet hidrosis
  • Weakened immune system
  • Insomnia
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Disturbed blood circulation
  • Depression

The feet bath improves blood circulation, activates the metabolism, stimulates the lymph flow.

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