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GTS Carbon

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GTS Carbon GTS Carbon GTS Carbon GTS Carbon GTS Carbon GTS Carbon

Nordic walking is a wellness exercise that helps you to strengthen the cardiovascular system and to burn excess calories. Nordic walking poles US MEDICA GTS Carbon are designed with consideration of anatomical features of the human body. The weight of each pole is only 180g. GTS Carbon consist of 100% carbon. The material is characterized by high strength and lightness. 100% carbon fiber provides better depreciation and higher strength. The construction is very light and it is suitable for both beginners and experienced athletes. The built-in system AntiShock allows to soften the impact load while walking, effectively protecting your ligaments and hand joints from injuries. The two-section telescopic design allows you to adjust the required height of poles depending on your height (145-200 cm). During walking with sticks, the upper and lower parts of the body work simultaneously, which helps you to train about 90% of muscular. All systems and organs are involved. Walking helps to improve general hemodynamics and microcirculation, the activity of the heart and brain.

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