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Whether you’re a victim of back problems or simply looking to increase your spine’s flexibility and improve your posture, you need not look any further. The FlexyBack is developed specifically to provide an effective and harmless way of stretching your back to achieve all those goals and more.

Disregard any worries about purchasing this sort of equipment you might have pondered. The FlexyBack won’t consume countless hours of your life, nor will it tax you physically and mentally beyond reasonable limits. Simply use it twice a day for five minutes each time and the results will speak for themselves. A flexible back and an amazing posture to vastly improve your image as a whole will all be yours with the help of the FlexyBack’s simple yet ingenious functionality.

A rigid and unyielding back can be a serious problem in many fields. Whether you’re at work and taxing yourself physically and mentally or enjoying your leisure time with physical activities on any level of intensity, a flexible back will always provide you with options you would be hard pressed to resort to without such freedom. The FlexyBack can help you achieve such freedom.

Don’t forget posture either. With a properly conditioned back, your posture will turn your image into a pinnacle of impressive natural design the likes of which few can compare to. Use the FlexyBack’s simple but efficient exercise regiment to build a posture you can be proud of.

On top of all that, don’t forget about back pain. A plight that eats away at even the most resilient of people, an aching back can be a serious deterrent on your road towards enjoying life to its fullest. The FlexyBack can and will help you relieve pain and provide your back with the conditioning it needs to be healthy and strong.

The FlexyBack’s ergonomic form and solid structure will ensure that you’ll be able to use it for all your back-related needs for years to come. The incision is designed to provide your spine with maximum comfort.

Use the FlexyBack to cure yourself of back aches, correct your posture and grant yourself the naturally flawless spine you deserve to have while laughing in the face of all the factors of modern life that seek to ruin it.

  • - Colors: black
  • - Casing: ecologically clean artificial leather
  • - Length: 16″
  • - Height: 2″
  • - Width: 10″

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