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Price: $ 270
  • NEW! 2 types of massage: shiatsu or rolling massage
  • NEW! Width adjust for rolling massage
  • Spot function
  • Full or partial back massage
  • Seat vibration
  • Heat
  • Easy-to-use controller
Combo Combo Combo

Do you spend a lot of time in your car or traffic stresses you out? You suffer from back pain or just looking for a healthier lifestyle to stay young and active? Now there is a perfect item to help you stay healthy despite your location: are you at home, office or in a car - you can use COMBO wherever you want! This massage cushion has both adapters, so you can use it in the car or at home. It is irreplaceable massage product for those, whose car is their second home.

Combo is a great Combination of stylish look and sharp mind inside: this massage cushion knows exactly, how to relax your hard-working back, or some specific area on it - you choose what Combo will relax for you: entire back, or some part, or even spot!

  • NEW! 2 types of massage - you can choose shiatsu or rolling massage to treat yourself;
  • NEW! Width adjust for rolling massage enables to reach all the spots you might need to work on;
  • Spot function - find that spot which makes you suffer and COMBO will knead it for you;
  • Use full back massage function, or just partial;
  • Vibration in seat will relax your thighs: you can choose from 3 levels of intensity depending on your needs;
  • Demo: know your COMBO - this function will show you everything your new masseuse is able to do for you;
  • Heat: massage rollers have a heating function - COMBO will improve the circulation in your body and relax your muscle spasms. Heating therapy helps in a case you have lower back problems: it stretches the soft tissues around the spine, including muscles, connective tissue, and adhesions;
  • Design: spicy and sporty - you'll love it!
  • Easy-to-use controller will not make you be in puzzle while operating your massage cushion!

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