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Price: $ 670
  • 2 in 1: massage and office chair
  • Demo function - a quick demonstration of all functions
  • 2 types of back massage - Shiatsu and Rolling
  • Seat vibration - three different levels: low, medium, high
  • Spot function
  • 3 positions of rollers' width to choose
  • Soothing heat treatment for back
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Do you work hard? The back pain bothers you you, distracting from important deals or your business partners? Here is the solution for you or your beloved ones - just get yourself that perfect 2 in 1 – the solid office massage chair from US MEDICA that will make you relax! Just take some time, push the button and get the impulse to work better – that’s the way it works!

The US MEDICA CHICAGO looks like the usual office chair and has the same features: adjusting the height and reclining the backrest, but inside there is a responsive therapist, which will help you to stay healthy, bringing the relief to your back.

  • DEMO function will show everything the chair can do for you - just a quick demonstration of all the functions;
  • SHIATSU - must have feature in every massage item - feel free from the fatigue and tense, let yourself think about work and get new ideas!
  • ROLLING - tones your spine supporting muscles - finally you don’t have to think how to get the time for massage - it just comes and stays with you! Rolling fully imitates the movements with thumbs along the spine;
  • VIBRATION is good for your buttocks and hamstrings; if you seat all day long this is exactly what you need to get once in a while – US MEDICA CHICAGO has a vibration motor inside the seat - sitting was never more enjoyable! There are three different levels of vibrating, you can choose from low, medium or high;
  • SPOT - find the spot which makes you suffer and knead it thoroughly! Doesn’t sound good?
  • WIDTH - you can make massage heads to roll you completely along the spine, or wider - depending on your current needs;
  • HEAT - CHICAGO will warm your lower back very carefully, making the result of the massage even better. Gentle heat will increase the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles, helping to heal the damaged tissue.

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