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Price: $ 380
  • Light aluminium frame
  • Adjustable height
  • Ergonomic form
  • Carry bag

Presenting the Boston express massage chair from US MEDICA. Perfect for express massage, the Boston massage chair combines all functional features necessary for a wholesome massage with efficient portability, resulting in a quality product that doesn’t ship a mountain of flaws along with its benefits.

The office is hardly the place for a massage. Or so some would think. Yet with the Boston massage chair, the office becomes as good a place as any other for an express massage. No need to remove the client’s clothes for a massage session. This opens a vast array of options for locations and times to provide massage therapy that are often overlooked in view of the somewhat private manner of full scale massage services.

But not with the US MEDICA Boston. Setup will take you but a few seconds. Then you’re in business. Regulate seat height, arm rest angle, chest support height, seat and head support position at will to provide clients with an optimal feeling of comfort throughout the procedure.

The Boston is ideal for both genders, with an anatomically cohesive chest support that supports both men and women to ensure optimal comfort.

But why should the client be the only one to enjoy comfort? The Boston massage chair ensures that both the recipient of the massage and the massage therapist have the support and access they require throughout a massage session. Compact, yet designed to ensure proper support for the client, this massage chair will ensure that even if you are the one delivering the massage, there will be no need for you to put in any unnecessary effort, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Portable and light weight, the Boston is easy to take with you anywhere. Transportation isn’t an issue, thus all the further enforcing express massage aims. The Boston also comes with a bag that you can use to swiftly and easily transport the massage chair without overexerting yourself. The bag is our gift to all buyers of this efficient massage chair.

  • Chassis: aluminum
  • Colors: dark blue
  • Weight: 18 lbs
  • Maximum Dynamic Load: 353 lbs
  • Filler: gas infused plastic at 2″ in girth

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