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A massage therapist’s job is not an easy one. Why then complicate things with insufficient equipment? And why subject those on the receiving end to anything less than sheer comfort? There’s truly no reason for either of these things to weigh you down.

The US MEDICA Bali stationary massage table is a great choice for anyone looking for a wholesome combination of functionality and comfort in one aesthetically appealing package. Regardless of location, be it a professional massage parlor, beauty salon, or in home, the Bali coexists in harmony with any interior. Its refined outer image and thoroughly thought through structure guarantee a feeling of relaxation throughout each session.

Both simple in its execution and complex in its intent, the Bali’s key feature is its storage area, perfect for storing accessories, supplemental tools and anything else that really shouldn’t be under hand until the right moment.

However, the recipient of the massage is far from left out. The super comfortable ComfortEye head rest and foldable u-shaped underside panel facilitate the most soothing experience possible by preemptively striking out against any potential strain in the neck, face or arms. Furthermore, the Bali boasts regulated arm rests that shift based on the angle of the central section and an additional neck rest.

Why all this? For comfort, of course. After all, massage sessions are supposed to be relaxing experiences for the body and mind alike. Fortunately, the US MEDICA Bali has everything necessary to ensure they become just that.

Max Load: 4001 lbs

Materials: Beech wood body, Hard-Foam filler at 1.5″ in thickness, 3.5″ of elastic polyurethane-based gas-filled plastic

Finish: Premium Skin-Touch, rounded edges, accessory storage

Structure: Additional reinforcements in frame, ergonomic three-section structure, dynamic positioning

Head Support: Removable, regulated ComfortEye head rest with smooth angle manipulation

Height Control: 25″ - 34″



   Expanded with head rest: 82″

   Expanded without head rest: 72″

   Folded up: 75″



   Expanded with head rest: 30″

   Expanded without head rest: 30″

   Folded up: 33″



   Expanded with head rest: 25″ - 34″ (regulated)

   Expanded without head rest: 25″ - 34″ (regulated)

   Folded up: 17.5″


Weight: 119 lbs

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