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Acupuncture Mat Aura

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Aura Aura Aura

The US Medica Aura acupuncture mat is a unique in its simplicity and efficiency, the product that allows you to conduct effective acupuncture body massage for the prevention of various diseases. The mat has 210 applicators in the form of lotus flowers of unique shape, made of hypoallergenic plastic with high strength and durability. The applicators of the mat (5250 spines) affect the biologically active points of the body, increasing its overall tone. The regular use of a mat for 15 minutes a day will help to improve well-being, relieve fatigue and tension in the body, improve metabolism and blood circulation, improve immunity, improve one's memory, reduce weight, get rid of cellulite, insomnia, headaches and back pain. The US Medica Aura has a compact size, it is easy to carry over and use at home, in the office and even on travel.



  • Needle-shaped massage and prevention of different diseases
  • Suitable for massage of the neck and collar zone, face and head, hands and feet, back and lumbar spine, soles
  • Good effects on the biologically feet active points
  • 210 nails with unique shapes to achieve maximum massage effect
  • Wellness for the whole body
  • Children flat-foot  prophylaxis
  • Suitable for adults and children over 7 years
  • Compact size, easy to carry


The positive effect of the acupuncture mat use:
- calms, relaxes muscles;
- increases work efficiency;
- relieves pain;
- improves blood circulation;
- increases immunity;
- accelerates the process of cell regeneration;
- stimulates metabolism;
- improves skin tone and elasticity;
- helps with headaches and insomnia;
- helps with cellulite problems.


Technical specifications

Product Name                            Acupuncture Mat

Model                                          US Medica Aura

Materials                                     PP Plastic flowers, 100% cotton cover, polyurethane foam

Dimensions                                 72 х 42 х 2 cm

Nails                                                  210 pcs (5250 needles)

Color                                            Blue/White

Net Weight                                 0.730 kg

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