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Aqua Balance

Price: $ 60

Key points:

  • Deep skin moisturizing
  • Wrinkles prevention
  • Eye and nose mucosa moisture
  • Easy breath in dry heat rooms
  • Battery operated
  • Powerful ultrasound generator
Aqua Balance Aqua Balance

Facial Mist Sprayer Aqua Balance

To make your skin looking young and delicate everywhere and anytime US MEDICA invented a compact lipstick size Facial Mist Sprayer Aqua Balance.


Facial mist sprays are just what they sound like: misting bottles or atomizers. Thermal water large drops moisture only skin surface while US MEDICA Facial Mist Sprayer Aqua Balance generates water nanoparticles (0,3-0,9) helping to soothe, moisturize, relax and rejuvenate it deep into cutaneous pores.


You can use Aqua Balance if your face is feeling parched after a dehydrating plane trip, if your makeup has begun to wilt during the day or if you simply want a little spritz of something cool and refreshing taking sunbath or being in office.

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