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That dull pain from your shoulders and the back of your neck surges through you. The muscles in the area tighten up and create an unbearable feeling of unease. You try to relieve the annoyance with a rub from your hand, yet it simply doesn’t do any good. You look about to see whether you might be sitting in an uncomfortable position but find no such problem. You drive yourself mad trying to figure out the cause of the agony, yet nothing comes to mind.

Or perhaps you’re returning from a hard day’s work, having tackled a whole array of physically taxing tasks. Your muscles are taut as a bowstring and it seems impossible to relax. Your neck aches, your shoulders hurt and your waist is killing you.

Sound familiar? Sometimes a good massage can be as vital as a fresh breath of air. With the US MEDICA Apple you’ll have a portable yet effective neck, shoulder and waist massage solution to all such plights and more. The Apple’s unique design is ergonomic to the max and just right for any user.

Boasting four massage rollers with two available movement directions, this device will provide you with a wholesome massage in those troublesome areas that simply refuse to relax on their own. The Apple also provides light heating functionality and a comfortable positioning system that will ensure a truly relaxing experience in every way.

An automatic 20-minute turn off timer will allow you to truly unwind and forget everything without worrying that you might spend too much time indulging.

Take it with you on the road. The US MEDICA Apple can be charged either from an AC outlet or your car’s lighter socket. Not planning any trips? No problem. Store this compact device easily and take it out for use at home or work whenever you want.

Don’t limit yourself to your neck area or waist either. Massage your thighs, shins and calves as well. Get the most out of the Apple’s efficient design and size by using it on any areas that trouble you with that annoying feeling of unyielding tension.

  • - Colors: blue, orange, green
  • - Comfy positioning system ensures easy use by attaching to your seat
  • - Works from AC or car lighter socket
  • - Power: 30W
  • - Net Weight: 2,4 lbs
  • - Length: 13″
  • - Height: 8″
  • - Width: 4″

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