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Orthopedic Belt US MEDICA - is the best choice for sports and fitness for you! Become stronger and healthier.

Vibration Belt US MEDICA Bikini make you slimmer every day! Use it at home or at work.

US MEDICA VibroPlate make your muscles feel comfortable after you workouts!

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Massage Chairs

Infinity Touch

Price: $ 5 670

Office Massage Chairs


Price: $ 670

Massage Cushions


Price: $ 420

Portable Massage Table

Super Light

Price: $ 320

Chairs for massage


Price: $ 250

Fitness Equipment


Price: $ 980

Fitness Equipment


Price: $ 110

Orthopedic Pillows


Price: $ 70

About US MEDICA company

We manufacture the highest quality massage equipment including portable massage tables, massage chairs, massage cushions and other hi-tech massage devices. We have a wide selection of products for all of your various massage therapy needs. Our products and supplies combine the superb value of unparalleled performance for the massage professional, student or at home user. All of our tables have time proven designs and engineering. We hand make all of our massage tables with passion, which ensures the highest quality equipment.


US-Medica's massage tables are the best choice for massage therapists. You only need to choose which US-Medica massage table you need. Our portable massage tables are ergonomically designed to fit various body types and heights, and offer soft foam padding to ensure the comfort of your clientele. Each massage table is extremely sturdy, durable and hand-crafted with only the finest eco-friendly materials. Choose from a variety of options, colors and accessories to suit your needs. US-Medica uses no rainforest hardwoods' or wood from old growth forests. We depend solely on farmed and renewable wood sources


If you don't have enough time to see your massage therapist our massage chairs and cushions will be very helpful for you and your family. You can choose a massage cushion or a luxurious multifunctional massage chair to treat your body and feel happier, healthier and younger.

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